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Taking tests before holiday

In Kenya, pupils have three semesters is three months long. Then they have a monthly holidays that occur in months: April, August and December.

Towards the end of the year, there have been tests that show what you learned. This semester test was completed a couple of weeks ago with good results according to centrats Director Lydia Njeri.
At the end of each semester, we also especially reward students who excelled in certain areas. The less students can get a pen and pencil eraser while an older can get a thermos, or anything else useful that is appreciated.
It is not only the theoretical talent as rewarded, but also practical skills will be rewarded. If someone has excelled in for example. football so can the student receive a football or dance student can for example. get a musical instrument.

While you are reading this so the children have likely school holidays. Important to know is that the NCSC also takes charge of the children during their school holidays. During the holidays the pupils will continue food and to teach them songs and different stories. To the right you’ll see a group of students working on their tests.