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The Ngamwanza Project

The Children

The school caters to children, who are particularly vulnerable, but the school had been referred to the street. Typically the children staying with a close relative because their parents died of Hiv/Aids. Some of the children were themselves Hivpositive and many were malnourished when they come to school.

A safer life with school and staff as fixed point has meant that children now are in relatively good condition. The group consists of some 50 children aged between 4-12 years which carries on for school for the youngest, and ensure that the elderly get what they need to be able to go in the public elementary school.

For the school to be a security, provide nutritious food, medical care and, when the time comes, be a sluice into the primary school.

In elementary school students need both school uniform and benches. In addition, follow up and make sure that they actually continue to go to school. The objective is to follow and support them throughout the school, right up to university level.


Among these children, there is perhaps a future president, “said Lydia Njeri is principal and head teachers.

Assisted in teaching she teachers in the respective classes. The staff also includes a chef and guards. In addition, the school has the help of the young volunteers.

The future

What does the future hold for the children and their school? What are the visions? What is on your wish list if resources are available?

In the longer term, there are plans to purchase a blank, then the House and the property in use today are rented for one year at a time. There are always things to develop to be able to give children the best possible education and start on life.

The most important thing is still to give the kids food even Sundays. Today food is served six days a week and many of the children don’t get food at home.

When rains field is game plan as a leråker, largely under water. Hence the need for gravel to drain.

How can we help?

Is it possible to run a project and provide a great school at a distance of 650 mil? It depends on us IE of you and me. No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone!

One way to make a difference is to join as a member of the Swedish Association Helping Hand.

Some members choose to donate a fixed amount every month, but you can also contribute different amounts according to ability.

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