Helping Hand

The Association was founded in Helsingborg Helping in the autumn of 2005 to financially support Ngamwanza Children Support Centre, a school for orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi, Kenya.

Helping Hand is a non-profit organization and is open to all who want to join in and contribute to the school’s existence and development of the child. The aim is to take charge of the school’s operating costs, which include salaries as well as food, clothing and health care for 50 children from 4 to 12 years of age, whose parents died of Hiv/Aids.

Why should I join an organization?

As a member of the Association Helping Hand, you have the right to freedom of Association and the annual meeting. Through membership, you are with and take greater responsibility for all around around the project for children in Kenya. Through your membership fee of SEK 100/year you are with and contribute to the administrative costs of such as. postage, mailings and website are covered. You have as a member the right to be with and influence, and take part of the minutes.

Do I need to be a member to be a facilitator?

You do not have to be a member to help support the project. You can become supporters at any time

What is my gift to?

All gifts and donations will go to the project for the children in Kenya. This for that you should feel confident in your giving. The Association has a policy that all administrative costs are covered by the membership fee of SEK 100 per year paid by those who want to be a member. Your entire rewarding reach!

90account or not?

Many people in Sweden ask Why do you have no 90 account? The answer is not so simple. It is a security for you as a donor, to associations engaged in collection will also be verified that you do not use too much of the funds raised to the administration. It requires that at least 75% of the money will go to those in need. More than 25% must not be lost in administrative costs.

The Foundation for Fundraising control, SFI, monitors to due process to and assign account numbers. However, this system is costly for a relatively small club like ours and we shall not take of the collected funds for according to our statutes will 100% go to the Center/project. We will get a 90account as soon as the economy allows. Would you like to help us with this, you are welcome here.

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