Ngamwanza Children Home and Support Centre



John Thiongo

John is nine years old and lives with her grandmother, three older sisters and four cousins in the slum area in Ongata Rongai Kware. Together they share on an area that corresponds to a bathroom, without mattresses, water, electricity and the ability to cool the food. From home, it is approximately four kilometres to get to Ngamwanza, where he has been at the school since he was about two years.

A few years ago, John sexually abused by a male relative, this is a scar he is forced to carry on each day. The man was sentenced to life in prison.
Even though life is hard, John an exuberant personality, dreams and many interests. He loves to play football and play in Ngamwanza Football Club, which is the school’s football team. Another talent that John possesses is to dance, something he often gets the chance to show off the times the school has visits from the outside.
If John got to choose freely what he wanted to be when he grows up, he had wanted to work as an engineer and construct aircraft. To fly them are also high on the list.
Margaret is also nine years old and lives at the other end of the Rongai, in a slum called Bangladesh Village. She has seven siblings, an older sister and six younger. The older sister is also the one who takes care of the younger children.
Margaret and best friend Ann are often those who kicks off plays on the school, one in the Middle, hopscotch, jump rope, or simply sing and dance along.
The great dream of Margaret would have been to become a pilot and get travel around the world, but to see safari in Kenya is a little less dream that she would have liked to have met.

Margaret Manjuku