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Ngamwanza Children Home and Support Centre
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Feeding programme

More than 50 children were well fed by the Helping Hand. The Helping Hand through Ngamwaza has continued to provide daily meals that enhance proper nutrition, Child health, steady growth, sustainable school absorption and retention for over 50 needy and vulnerable children. It is imperative that we continue providing delicious and nutritious meals to needy and vulnerable children to help them alleviate the dampening prevalence of malnourishment that has had a domino effect on the comprehensive growth and development of children.

It is not in dispute that there is a myriad of attendant challenges to malnutrition which has pricked the conscience of the global community under the aegis of no less than the United Nations through the Sustainable Development Goals.

You can support the needy children from poor households and communities. We all have a divine duty to empathize and sympathize with the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children through any form of relief. As a monthly sponsor you will help to rescue a boy or girl from absolute poverty.