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An ordinary day at Ngamwanza

Lydia, the headmaster and Director of Ngamwanza, tells about the daily operation accompanied by her own photos:

hhnb1 Ngamwanza has approximately 50 children in school. Most students are orphans and belong to the most vulnerable children in Ongata Rongai slum area in Nairobi.

The school collaborates with local organizations for children and society. The majority of the funding is done through the Helping Hand.
Children are at the Centre from Monday through Saturday and get breakfast and lunch. Even fruit is served to meet the vitamin requirement.
The daily activities begin at 7.30-8.00 with a collection after the children come with the school bus or walked over here.


During collection, make sure the staff student health and hygiene. All children receive at this collection of teaching about keeping themselves and their surroundings clean, obedience and good morals.


The lessons begin right after the collection. the children are taught in math, language, social and cultural knowledge but also in music and sport. Teachers follow the school plan, lesson plans and HR plans.


At 10:00 am served porridge and tea. After this the children pause to 11.00 am


Sport will begin at 11:00. Sport is very important when children nhhnb4eed to work out their little muscles. By songs kids learn to be good role models and get a good self esteem. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity can be prevented through physical activity.


After an hour goes the children back to their classrooms, where they paint, draw and write.


For the children to be able to continue in the State school, they must be able to write in books, perform simple math and recognize letter sounds.


Hot lunch will be served at 12:3014:00. Lunch is very important because the children don’t get the food of their guardians. They get food first the next day at school and probably nothing in Sunday.


Some of the children that have left still go to Ngamwanza instead of going on to the State school because of our food programs. Some older children are teaching in the
schools but will every day to get food with us.


Rest and quiet activities going on between 14:00 and 15:30. 35 year-olds sleep then and teachers prepare their lessons. The older kids are working to write off their homework from the Blackboard. Their teacher is preparing the next day’s lessons.


Between 15.3016.00 it is a collection of discharge and finally leave the children with school bus or walking home.